We are an engineering company whose interests are in Electrical, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering. Mosso Pietas was founded in 2013 as an Electronic Engineering company with focus on customised devices.
The company extended its products by introducing Tracking System in 2015. As from October 2016 the concept in customised devices was integrated with consumer product to help improve consumer products.

Vehicle Tracking and Project Bus

Mosso tracker is a vehicle tracking device that allow users to remotely view their vehicles/fleet from a smart phone or pc, the device also allows remote controls of the vehicle’s power system in case of theft users can remotely deactivate/activate their vehicle.

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Incubators and Hatching

Available in variety capacities. The incubator incubates bird eggs by exposing them at the most conducive temperature and humidity, and depending with the type of egg it will hatch at specified dates. .

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Home Security Systems

These systems can be customised just like any of our products, to meet your requirements. The systems include, biometric access control, biometric daily login/logout system, RFID access control, RFID login/logout units.p> See more...

Customised Devices

Do you have a project of electronincs,electrical and instrumenation & control you want? Get in touch and we can make it for for you.

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